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Sarah Webb writes about science, health, technology and policy for researchers, for the general public and for children. Her work has appeared in Discover, Science News,, Science, Nature Biotechnology, National Geographic Kids, Science News for Kids and many other publications. Trained as a PhD chemist, she has reported on the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity, the science and policy of stem cell research and the acoustics of carbon fiber cellos. Sarah also served as the research coordinator for the award winning astronomy exhibits at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband, son, two cats and a Senegal parrot. Sarah is the Editor in Chief of

5 responses to “Writing Lab: Sarah Webb’s home office”

  1. Robyn

    Just bought my first stand-up desk for home and I’m loving it. Think I need one for my office on campus now, too. Writing while standing up feels different, somehow. But also just better on my tailbone.

  2. Uncle Lee


    This video is really cool! Don’t know if I could write standing up, though. It’s all I can do to write, without going to sleep, while sitting. Guess that comes with old age.

    Best wishes for much greater success, now that you have an official office. Don’t forget to check and see if you qualify for “Office in the Home Deductions” when you do your 2013 tax return.


  3. RadioGal

    Hi Sarah,
    Can you share where you purchased your desk? I’d like to get one for my job.

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