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Emma Marris is a freelance writer specializing in science and the environment. She’s written about ecology and conservation biology for Nature, hipsters who hunt for Slate and taking anti-anxiety medications to get through a periodic cicada irruption for OnEarth. She’s written a book about the future of conservation, Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World, and is working on an environmental science textbook for Roberts & Co. She lives in Columbia, Missouri with her husband and two children.

3 responses to “The pleasures of scientific jargon”

  1. Ann Finkbeiner

    I do love what you wrote, Emma, turning the word over in your hands like a polished stone. I wrote a bunch of blog posts on science metaphors — — and now I want to steal yours.

  2. Jessica Marshall

    Love this, especially since you mentioned Avogadro’s Number–the site of my high school reunion last summer. Go Lobos!

  3. Nathanael Johnson (@SavorTooth)

    Crypts of Lieberkuhn!

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