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Adam Hinterthuer is a freelance science and environmental writer living in Madison, Wisconsin. He's written about bisphenol-A in plastics for Scientific American, Asian Carp and electric fences for BioScience and one man's crusade to clean the mighty Mississippi for the now defunct Plenty magazine. Once upon a time, he was a podcaster for Scientific American's "60 Second Science." In his free time, well, actually, with two young daughters and three part-time jobs, Adam doesn't have free time. If he did, he'd spend it camping, hiking or biking (sans kids) with his wife, Carrie.

4 responses to “The art of juggling jobs”

  1. Lynn DeHart

    Fun reading and filled with actual helpful ideas! I look forward to your next blog.

  2. Bryn Nelson

    Love this: “Outsourcing my inner nag lets me concentrate on the task at hand and not worry that there’s something I’m forgetting.” I use color-coding on my iCal to track deadlines and interviews, but I need to be better about managing my own imposed deadlines along the way. Asana sounds like something to try out -thanks for the tip!

  3. Suzanne

    Love the idea of outsourcing your inner nag. I’ve had to embrace The Pomodoro technique via a chrome app to avoid the lure of social media. It works…until I forget to switch it back on. Oops.

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