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Freelance science writer and editor, Kendall Powell covers the realm of biology, from molecules to maternity. She jumped from the lab bench to laptop via the UC, Santa Cruz Science Communication program in 2002. She has written news stories, features and scientist profiles for a variety of publications including the Los Angeles Times, Nature (including Nature Careers), PLoS Biology, Journal of Cell Biology, Science Careers and the HHMI Bulletin. In 2005, Kendall founded SciLance as a way to stay connected to a vibrant community of writers who are as much word nerds as science geeks. She lives near Denver, Colorado with her scientist husband, daughter, son, and two Labradors.

4 responses to “SciLance: origins of a writer tribe”

  1. Jill U Adams

    Confession: I had to look up “le mot juste.” Kudos to Kendall for using exactly the right phrase!

    Collective wisdom is one thing; a terrific sense of belonging in an often isolating job is the creme de la creme.

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