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Alison Fromme has tracked rattlesnakes, witnessed dynamite blasts, and eaten goat stew while on assignment for national magazines and regional publications, including Backpacker, Discover, Pregnancy, and Mountain Home Magazine. She has also created educational materials for the New York Times Learning Network, PBS, McDougal Littell and many others. Alison lives in upstate New York, where she founded Ithaca’s Food Web, a hyperlocal website publishing local food news and commentary on topics ranging from crop disease outbreaks to school lunch reform. Alison is currently the Project Manager for The Science Writers’ Handbook.

7 responses to “Do Your Homework to Get the Most Out of ScienceWriters2013”

  1. Jessie Haynes

    Thanks for this post, Alison. Honestly, I’m a very new science writer (just a few months into the biz) and I know I want to participate in the pitch slam, but I’ve never done anything like it and it is really nerve-wracking! I have such an anxiety about getting salable science ideas as it is. I hope I can leave my neuroses in NC when I head to Gainesville.

    1. Kendall Powell

      Don’t sweat it too much Jessie…or at least understand that it is nerve-wracking for everyone else in the room, too! Just think of it as a chance to get your name and face in front of new editors. (Every time I’ve done one the editors have been extremely gracious and nice!)

    2. Jill U Adams

      Great tips on how to prepare for the PowerPitch session over at The Open Notebook:

  2. Jessica Marshall

    Crap, Alison, business cards! Thanks for the reminder. I don’t think any of the numbers on mine are right anymore. Better get on it. Haven’t we moved on to some e-card-swapping app by now?

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