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Not sure how to start your career as a science writer, or how to take your existing career to the next level? The Science Writers’ Handbook is here to help. In this essential guide, 35 leading science writers share their hard-won wisdom and illuminating stories, going beyond the basics to cover everything else you need to survive and thrive as a science writer. Just some of the topics in the book include:

  • Finding sources
  • Landing clients
  • Writing queries
  • Contract law for writers
  • Business strategies
  • Establishing the balance between work and life

From how to structure a story, to dealing with perennial writer’s downfalls like envy, procrastination, and loneliness, to finding health insurance and doing your taxes, The Science Writers’ Handbook is your comprehensive guide to the craft, culture, and commerce of the profession. This book was supported in part by a grant from the National Association of Science Writers.

Praise for The Science Writers’ Handbook:

“This book feels like a wonderful cheat sheet for the profession.”
– Carl Zimmer, author, Evolution: Making Sense of Life

“I found the book entertaining and enlightening, and that’s coming from someone who’s been at this for a while. You’d be smart to take a look.”
– Paul Raeburn, Knight Science Journalism Tracker, May 3, 2013

“A superb guide to succeeding as a serious reporter collaborating with serious editors.”
– Steve Weinberg, ASJA Monthly, June 2013

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  4. Bob Bly

    I have a BS in engineering and wanted to be a science writer at one point, and even have one published hardcover science book, but I went into copywriting instead. But I may get this book and see if I can get back into the game. Thanks for writing it!

  5. Vicki Cobb

    I write science books for children. If you need any input on the trade book market, I’ve been doing this for more than 45 years and am pioneering new ways to publish. The main thing is that the quality of writing for children has to be very high.

  6. Bob Bly

    Vicki: What new ways to publish are you referring to?

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