The Essay Handbook

The Science Writers' Essay Handbook
Though the essay form is more than four centuries old, it’s perfectly suited to the digital age–and to science writing. The Science Writers’ Essay Handbook will show you how to:

  • Recognize and develop essay ideas
  • Research and report for the essay form
  • Structure your essays before you write
  • Develop a distinctive authorial voice
  • Revise and polish your essays
  • Find an audience
  • Apply your essay-writing skills to stories of all kinds, from magazine features to multimedia productions to social-media posts

No matter what kind of science storyteller you are, The Science Writers’ Essay Handbook will give you new tools to bring out the best in your work.

This e-Book was supported by a grant from the National Association of Science Writers.

About the author:

Michelle Nijhuis’ award-winning writing about science and the environment appears in National Geographic, Smithsonian, The New Yorker‘s Elements blog, and many other national publications. She is also a longtime contributing editor of High Country News, a magazine known for its in-depth coverage of environmental issues in the western United States.