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Bryn Nelson is a former microbiologist whose love of translating science into stories inspired him to become a science journalist in 1999. While a staff writer at Newsday, Nelson won awards for a long-form feature about a toddler with a traumatic brain injury, and for his role in a yearlong ecology series about the natural world. As a freelance writer and editor, his work has appeared in The New York Times, Nature, Scientific American, High Country News, and many other publications. He shares a renovated craftsman bungalow in Seattle with his partner, Geoff, and a lively dog named Piper.

3 responses to “Redux Post: Organizing Your Work and Life”

  1. Siri Carpenter

    I was a devotee of the Planner Pad for a year or so, but then it stopped seeming like the best system for me, mainly because I had so many recurring and one-off events in my Google calendar that I had to transfer into the Planner Pad. After reading Hannah’s post on Teux Deux, I decided to try that instead. I liked it pretty well, but when the free trial was up I decided that I didn’t like it quite well ENOUGH to pay for it. Now I’m using Wunderlist, which I think I like best of all. One thing I like is that it can send my list to my Google Calendar, so my list of things to do each day is shown along with my calendar appointments. (That’s not QUITE a perfect system because the Wunderlist list doesn’t instantly sync with the calendar, so if you change the to-do list, it’s no longer immediately correct in your calendar; and it would be REALLY REALLY nice if you could actually schedule things in that list into particular slots of the day. My search for the system that will eliminate all procrastination continues…

  2. Anne Sasso

    Super secret added bonus feature of the Planner Pad: in times of low morale when one doesn’t quite feel like they’re accomplishing anything, one can flip back through previous PP weeks and see all the lovely crossed-out items and check marks and feel that there is indeed forward movement on some scale, even if it isn’t that of this particular week.

    And, PP sends you groovy junk mail from a far less slick era. “Looks and feels like leather … but it’s really vinyl!”

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