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Virginia Gewin covers environmental issues—from food security to acidifying oceans to endangered species—from her perch in Portland, Oregon. Once on track to become a soil microbiologist, Virginia scrapped those plans to pursue her budding interest in science journalism after completing an American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media fellowship and an internship at Nature magazine. For the last decade, she has been a freelancer, writing for Nature, Frontiers in Ecology andEnvironment, The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, PLoS Biology, and Consumers Digest.

One response to “Pole Vaulting into Journalism: the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship”

  1. Christopher

    How timely! I’ve just returned from this year’s AAAS fellowship. I spent the summer at Scientific American under the tutelage of Robin Lloyd. This marks a turning point for me: a few months ago I was a researcher at a national observatory, today I’m trying to make it as a freelance science writer.

    By far the most useful part of the fellowship was the chance to personally connect with so many editors and other writers. I have the beginnings of a network, finally. Having seasoned editors walk by my desk and say “Nice job with that piece” was deeply rewarding. A few clips at SciAm is pretty nice too. I’ve already landed one contract because of it…the client said she was interested in talking to me “because I saw you’ve been writing for Scientific American.” Clips are tickets to opportunities.

    I’ve come out the other end thinking that I *might* actually be able to do this!

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