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Jill U Adams writes about health & medicine, nature & environmental issues, and the intersection of research & policy for newspapers, magazines, and the web. Publication credits include Audubon, Discover, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Science, and Nature. A former research scientist, Jill has shed her passive voice but not her disapproval of handwaving theories. A parent of teens, she is loath to give advice, but is full of it anyway. Jill lives in Albany, NY, with her husband, three kids, and a dog.

2 responses to “New routines”

  1. Robin Mejia

    Thanks, Jill — you’ve just articulated something I’d sort of noticed about my own routine this year. I’ve also found that getting out of the house in the morning helps me. Right now, I’m mostly walking to campus, and that half hour serves the same function for me as your commute — I plan the upcoming day.

  2. Alison

    Thanks for sharing, Jill. One thing I’ve found useful lately: I look at my “to do” list before I swim in the morning. That way, I have time to let the tasks sit in my brain for a bit. And then once I start working, I’m mentally prepared to get going.

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