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Emily Sohn covers health, the environment, adventure, food and the science behind current events from her home base in MInneapolis. Her stories have appeared in publications for children and adults, including The Los Angeles Times, Health, Prevention, Science News and Science News for Kids. She is a contributing writer for Discovery News and has written dozens of books for young people. Assignments have taken her to Cuba, Turkey, Australia, Fiji and beyond.

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  1. Ask TON: Re-entry after a disruption |

    […] And finally, tip #4: Appreciate being back in the world of ideas after months of obsessing over nap schedules and diaper contents. Suddenly, even the once-dreaded task of cleaning out your in-box can feel luxurious as you sip a steaming latte, take a deep breath, and re-connect with the outside world. I’ve also blogged about this recently at Pitch Publish Prosper. […]

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