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Michelle Nijhuis’ award-winning reporting on science and the environment appears in National Geographic, Smithsonian, and many other publications. A longtime contributing editor of High Country News, she lives off the grid with her husband and daughter in rural western Colorado. She and Thomas Hayden are the co-editors of The Science Writers' Handbook.

4 responses to “Name That Narrative: The (drinking) game for writers”

  1. Kendall Powell

    Anyone recognize these classics from their topics?

    Topic: Ballroom dance lessons

    Topic: Military air readiness

  2. Michelle Nijhuis

    Strictly Ballroom and Top Gun?

    How about

    Topic: Rabbit social dynamics
    Topic: Unruly haberdashery

  3. Stephen Ornes

    Watership Down and Caps for Sale?

    What about:

    Topic: Magic school adventures
    Topic: Husbandry run amok

  4. Michelle Nijhuis

    Ha! Yes on #1, was thinking Bartholemew Cubbins for #2.
    Harry Potter and … all I can think of is Animal Farm.

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