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Amanda Mascarelli writes about a wide range of topics, from the neuroscience of magic to the ecology of Arctic songbirds. Her work appears in Audubon, Nature, Science News for Kids, the Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. Her reporting adventures have taken her wading through quicksand in the desert Southwest, hiking across the tundra in Alaska and Iceland, trailing undercover drug agents, and exploring otherworldly marine life at the bottom of the ocean through the eyes of a submersible robot. She lives in Denver with her husband, three children, and one incorrigible cat.

One response to “Juggling kids, deadlines, and days ‘off’”

  1. Karen Blum

    Amen – great post! My kids are 10 and 7 (and go to different schools) so it’s always fun when in the same week, one kid’s school is closed Monday and the other is out Friday. Plus I live in Baltimore, when schools close as soon as snow flakes start falling, or even sometimes when snow is predicted.

    I have learned to work ahead as much as possible to make up for school days off, sick kids, or other random unpredictable emergencies (like the time my husband severed our cable connection with a lawnmower or when our hot water heater flooded the basement). I also keep local high school/college student babysitter phone numbers handy, especially those in the neighborhood. And in a genius move last year, my husband bought on Groupon a multiple entry pass to a local bounce place that has free wifi, and took the kids there two or three times during the not-really snow days. He was able to work from there and it was nice and quiet here at home for two to three hours so I could write a short article. Almost makes up for the time he severed the cable…..

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