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In over a decade as a freelance journalist, Robin Mejia covered health and science stories for the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post Magazine, Wired, Science, CNN and many other outlets. She uncovered problems at the FBI crime lab, covered controversies in epidemiology, and profiled Nobel laureates. Her work has won several national journalism awards and been anthologized in the Best Technology Writing series. In 2010, Robin returned to school to deepen her understanding of research methods and data analysis, earning an MPH from UC Berkeley in 2012. As this book goes to press, she’s working on a PhD in biostatistics.

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  1. Monya Baker

    Speaking of fellowships, congratulations to SciLancer Liza Gross! She just won a generous reporting award from New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute for poorly covered topics in the public interest. Liza has previously reported about how contamination from California’s $37 billion farming industry disproportionately affects poor Latino farm workers.
    Read more about the award at
    And learn how Liza made her decision to cutdown on her fulltime job to devote more time to in-depth reporting at

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