Investigative Reporting Handbook

Coming in June 2018: The Science Writers’ Investigative Reporting Handbook. Veteran investigative reporter Liza Gross offers tips, tricks, and wisdom for developing and chasing investigative stories.


A must-read guide to investigative reporting with a focus on a complex topic that needs more scrutiny. It’s all here in an easy-to-understand presentation by an investigative reporter with a passion for her craft.”

Joe Bergantino, Co-founder and Executive Director Emeritus, New England Center for Investigative Reporting, Lecturer at Boston College


In a concise 100-plus pages, Liza provides both warnings of how science writers need to avoid merely serving as a mouthpiece for scientists and clear examples of how journalists have married investigative reporting with coverage of science with big societal impact as a result. This veteran science and investigative journalist provides specific suggestions for the aspiring science writer to do the same.”

Cheryl Phillips, Lorry I. Lokey Visiting Professor in Professional Journalism, Graduate Program in Journalism Stanford University


If you’re going to read one book about science journalism this year, let it be this one. Liza Gross’s smart, detailed exploration of investigative journalism is not only a guide to good reporting — it’s a compelling treatise on why it matters so much.

Deborah Blum, Pulitzer-Prize winning science journalist, director of the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT