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Amanda Mascarelli writes about a wide range of topics, from the neuroscience of magic to the ecology of Arctic songbirds. Her work appears in Audubon, Nature, Science News for Kids, the Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. Her reporting adventures have taken her wading through quicksand in the desert Southwest, hiking across the tundra in Alaska and Iceland, trailing undercover drug agents, and exploring otherworldly marine life at the bottom of the ocean through the eyes of a submersible robot. She lives in Denver with her husband, three children, and one incorrigible cat.

2 responses to “The first draft torture chamber”

  1. Henry Lau

    I started using a new writing bit of software called Draftin. It has a “Hemmingway mode” where you can write but can’t go back and edit. I use this sometimes when I can’t get something out and I just need to write and write. And just getting words out definitely helps me, even if it’s just to see where not to go.

  2. Amanda Mascarelli

    Great tip, thanks, Henry. I’ll check it out!

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