Q: What is your website’s privacy policy?

A: We care about privacy. Here’s where you can learn more.

Q: Where can I get an introduction to the site and what I can learn here?

A. Check out this post for a roadmap.

Q: Why did you write The Science Writers’ Handbook?

A: After several years of sharing our advice with each other and answering questions from other writers, we realized that we might be able to share our collective experience in a book. In 2009, many of us met in a hotel room in Austin, Texas, during the ScienceWriters meeting to discuss the project. An Idea Grant from the National Association of Science Writers in 2011 made our dream project possible.

Q: How can I get advice on a science writing or freelance journalism question?

A: Please send us your questions. We’d love to hear from you.

Q: Where can I purchase the book?

A: Buy our book through AmazonBarnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

Q: I’m interested in reprinting one of your blog posts. How would I do that?

A: Our writers retain copyright for material posted on this blog. If you’re interested in reprinting or reposting, please contact the writer of the post to discuss your request (contact info is included within the bio at the end of each post). If you have obtained the writer’s permission, please link back to the original post and add a note that the post first appeared at pitchpublishprosper.com.

Q: I’m a reporter or blogger interested in talking with you about your book. How can I set up an interview?

A: Please contact our book publicist, Jenna Gilligan, [email protected]

Q: I’m looking for speakers or workshop leaders on science writing, science communication or alternative science careers. Can you help me find a speaker?

A: If you have a specific writer in mind, our biographies include links and contact information. If you’d like a list of contributors who live near you or with specific expertise, please contact us.

Q: How do I reach your writers? I’d like to offer one of them an assignment.

A: Check out our list of contributors.

Q: Where can I find you on social media? What if I’d like to subscribe via RSS?

A. You can find us on TwitterFacebook and Google+. We also have a Twitter list of individual book contributors. If you’re interested in subscribing via RSS, please use this link to our feed.

Q: Who is managing the content on your website? What about social media?

A: Our website team includes Editor in Chief, Sarah Webb (bio), Deputy Editor, Hannah Hoag (bio) and web editors, Helen Fields (bio) and Stephen Ornes (bio). Monya Baker (bio) is a former web editor. Emily Gertz (bio) consulted on the early development of pitchpublishprosper.com and served as our first social media manager. Bryn Nelson (bio) now manages our social media streams along with Jill U. Adams (bio),  Virginia Gewin (bio), and Liza Gross (bio). Bryn and Virginia have also organized our Virtual Mentoring sessions on Google+.

Q: Who designed your website?

A: Ron S. Doyle of Waterday Media

Q: What’s that swirl in your web design?

A:  In the spirit of a science-themed site, Ron designed our site based on the Fibonacci sequence.

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