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Anne Sasso is an accomplished freelance writer, equally at home on the pages of the nation’s leading outdoor and science magazines as in the boardrooms of her corporate clients. Her work has appeared in Outside, Discover, Men’s Journal and Backpacker among others and online at and AAAS’ She now writes almost exclusively for corporate clients. Anne worked in the heli-ski industry in western Canada, did a short stint as a commercial photographer’s assistant in Singapore and scrutinized rocks as an exploration geologist (she has a Ph.D. in geology) from the Arctic to the Andes before trading in her rock hammer for a pen in 2001. In 2007, she was a fellow in the Literary Journalism program at The Banff Center in Alberta. She now lives on the western slopes of the Green Mountains in Vermont. Anne is the Business Manager for The Science Writers' Handbook.

4 responses to “Further and other dated cultural references”

  1. Michelle Nijhuis

    Did you know the bus is coming back? Perhaps the metaphor will, too:

  2. Kendall Powell

    For Tom: I heard Robert Sapolsky speak at a book signing about, oh, 13 years ago and he said that he read People magazine every week to get a dose of pop culturel that would help him with his analogies in both his courses with students and his popular writing.

    It stuck with me all these years, but perhaps there’s an more up-to-date digital-era version of this? Watching TMZ once a week? Checking Keep Calm and Chive On? Ask your students and report back!

    And, will the new bus say “Further/Farther” since there’s no distinction now?!

  3. anne sasso

    Ha! Kendall, during my back and forth with Tom, he mentioned that an acquaintance back in 1986 (how he remembers that far back, I don’t know)mentioned watching TV for a night or two every few months to remain conversant. It would be hard to know what to watch these days …

  4. Jude Isabella

    I’m late on this but…..Recently I had to drop a poetic line falsely attributed to Dylan Thomas (I knew it was falsely attributed to Thomas, so I just used the famous line, which is: “Beauty if the graveyard of ambition.”) But, my editor felt this apochryphal quote, by being apochryphal, didn’t cut it. Fair enough, though I built most of the piece around it. Thankfully a different cultural reference, Homer and The Odyssey, worked just as well, or better, without too much work. I guess we can always fall back on Greek myth when we’re looking for a cultural reference.

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