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Cameron Walker writes about science, travel, and curiosities of the Pacific coast. She's written feature stories, profiles, and essays for publications including Sky & Telescope, High Country News, and theLos Angeles Times. While on assignment, she's learned to skip stones (badly), pick ripe coffee berries (even though she drinks decaf), and spot the silvery scouts that foretell a grunion run (it's amazing!).

4 responses to “An introvert’s guide to cocktail party networking”

  1. Helen Fields

    So cute! And it probably works for other professions, too.

  2. Emily Gertz

    In addition to bringing schmooze allies, I find it also helps to have a plan for dinner with said allies after the party. That way the party is not the day’s end game, no matter how well or awkwardly it goes.

  3. Margie Lukas

    Cameron, that was great! You made me smile, and you made me think.

  4. Madeline Bodin

    Love it! I really did laugh out loud.

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