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Stephen Ornes writes about math, physics, space, and cancer research from an office shed in his backyard in Nashville, Tennessee. He's written about tilting exoplanets for Discover, the mathematics of pizza slicing for New Scientist, and tumor banking for CR (in work recognized by the Association of Health Care Journalists). "Interrupting Cancer's Travel Plans," an article published in Cancer Today in the Spring 2012 issue, won an ASJA award in the Trade category. His first book was a young adult biography of mathematician Sophie Germain, and he teaches a science communication class at Vanderbilt University.

2 responses to “Bookshelf: Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer”

  1. Madeline Bodin


    I’m a science writer too, but my children are both big fans and aspiring creators of speculative/imaginative fiction. (My son informs me that there have been hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of Doctors, but only 13 of them have been portrayed in the television series, and of those, one doesn’t really count yet.)

    I hope the whole family will read this one. Thanks for the recommendation.

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