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Adam Aston is a Brooklyn-based journalist, editor and ghostwriter who focuses on energy, environment and urban issues. As a freelancer, his work has appeared at, The New York Times, NRDC's OnEarth, and Technology Review, among others. Previously, Adam served as energy and environment editor at BusinessWeek. A native of Pittsburgh, Adam is a graduate of Princeton University and lived in Hong Kong where he covered economics and business for the Economist Intelligence Unit.

2 responses to “Junkets: From boondoggle to best practices and beyond”

  1. Eric

    As someone who’s on the PR side (don’t hate me), I love your ideas. I’ve never had the expectation of coverage nor stalked until it happened. And what journalist with any integrity would let a company and its flacks edit a piece before it’s published.

    I’ve always counseled my clients that junkets are relationship builders, at worst you get nothing and sometimes the best is being part of a round up.

  2. Adam Aston

    Bubbling up today: What appears to be straight-up pay-for-coverage-consideration at a NYT business travel blog.

    ” ‘This is a minimum investment and shows the company has some skin in game,’ wrote the blogger, Cliff Oxford, in an email last week to a PR executive representing tech companies. ‘My daily rate is 10 grand per day so I am putting my time on line.’ ”

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