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Mark Schrope has been a freelance writer and editor since the turn of the century, which is to say his neighbors wonder what he’s doing over there all day. Based in Florida, his work has taken him on a flight into the eye of a hurricane; to the seafloor by submersible; and around the world -- from a remote Colombian island, to the coral reefs of Indonesia, to the deserts of Egypt. Though many articles focus on the ocean, he covers a broad range of topics under the general headings of science, technology, and travel for publications such as Nature, The Washington Post, and Sport Diver.

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  1. Jessica Marshall


    Nice post. By the way, a blog post I wrote about that trip to Alaska is up now on the Discover website with a few of the pictures I took:

    Adding photography to the mix is really fun and a great way to add a new dimension to reporting and storytelling. I hope to do more.


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