Photo by Chris Linder

Helen Fields is a freelance science journalist in Washington, D.C. She writes about frogs, whales, meteorites, airplanes, and whatever else she and her editors can think of. Her freelance work has appeared in Smithsonian, Science, New Scientist, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, among others. Before she started freelancing full time in 2008, she had staff jobs at National Geographic and U.S. News & World Report. A graduate of the U.C. Santa Cruz Science Communication Program, she spends a lot of her free time knitting.

4 responses to “I love my Livescribe Pen”

  1. Sarah Webb

    I love my Livescribe, too. I’ve switched over doing almost all of my interviews with it. I’m even able to use the search function to find terms within my handwriting, which I love.

    The downside I’ve found (and maybe I’m just hard on my ink cartridges) is that they’ll run out on me without any warning. The good thing– I kept writing with no ink, and the pen still captured my scrawls. But I was nervous, and I definitely suggest keeping extra ink cartridges handy.

  2. Helen Fields

    No, you’re right – the ink cartridges run out really abruptly. It’s nice that they work well to the end, but there’s no streaky phase to warn you that it’s running low. Add “spare cartridge” to the list of things to carry with you.

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  4. carol

    Wow, that is incredible. But so is the moth. I’m cheering for bats.

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