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Emily Gertz is a freelance journalist and editor covering the environment, technology, and science, who has written for Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Whole Living, Dwell, Talking Points Memo, OnEarth, Grist, and more. She also works as a content and social media strategist. Emily was a founding contributor to, the award-winning blog covering solutions to global environmental, political, and economic challenges, and to the Abrams book Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century. She has co-authored two books for O’Reilly Media, Environmental Monitoring With Arduino and Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino.

2 responses to “Friday Snapshot: Emily Gertz goes island hopping in paradise”

  1. Waverly Fitzgerald

    Ah! I saw the same fox but in the morning. And I described the deer as like dogs, they were so tame. But I’m so envious you saw an otter. That is one sight I missed. Lovely place, isn’t it? I was there working on essays about being an urban naturalist. Somewhat ironic.

  2. Emily Gertz

    I felt pretty good about spotting that otter, I must say! It really is a lovely place. Must have been perfect for your writing retreat.

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