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Douglas Fox is a freelance writer based in Northern California. He has written for Discover, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Esquire, New Scientist, The Christian Science Monitor and other publications. His stories have garnered national awards from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2009) and from the American Society of Journalists and Authors (2011), and have appeared in The Best American Science Writing (2012), The Best Technology Writing (2010) and The Best American Science & Nature Writing (2009).

3 responses to “Embedded with sources: surviving the aftermath”

  1. Jennifer Fink

    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing your process. Is the story available to read yet? I’d love to see it.

  2. Anne Sasso

    Wow! Great post, Doug. Love the idea of the notebook index. How did you know which 8 of the 70 hours of recordings to listen to? How do you track those in the field so that you can easily find what you need?

  3. Douglas Fox

    Hi Jennifer,
    I published a couple of short stories online while I was on the ice ( (, but the big one is still in the works.

    Anne – I decided which recordings to listen to based on their time stamp, and also the fact that as much as possible I cataloged the who/what/when/where of each recording (often before taking a 2-hour nap!). So back home when I was writing the story, I could scroll through my 200 or so digital recordings and pretty quickly home in on the ones of greatest interest.

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