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Bryn Nelson is a former microbiologist whose love of translating science into stories inspired him to become a science journalist in 1999. While a staff writer at Newsday, Nelson won awards for a long-form feature about a toddler with a traumatic brain injury, and for his role in a yearlong ecology series about the natural world. As a freelance writer and editor, his work has appeared in The New York Times, Nature, Scientific American, High Country News, and many other publications. He shares a renovated craftsman bungalow in Seattle with his partner, Geoff, and a lively dog named Piper.

4 responses to “Coworking: my antidote to isolation”

  1. Susan Moran

    Hi, Bryn,
    Intriguing account of your coworking stint. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve been thinking of joining one here in Boulder, at least 1-2x/week, like you. But what do you do when you need to interview people via phone, or a source calls for an interview, and you’re surrounded by other coworkers? Can you duck into a conference room for privacy on the spot, or do you need to reserve a conf room well in advance?
    Thanks! Susan

  2. Susan

    Bryn, thanks for writing such a wonderful piece on your experience coworking with us on Capitol Hill. Reading first-hand experiences of our space is a gift like no other. We are so glad to have you as a part of our coworking community!

  3. Susan

    Thanks for your perspective on co-working Bryn, it is very helpful! I feel like it’s something I should have looked at doing a LONG time ago. Oh well, water under the bridge at this point…

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