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Thomas Hayden is co-editor of The Science Writers' Handbook. He teaches science writing, environmental journalism and sustainability science in Stanford University’s School of Earth Sciences and Graduate Program in Journalism. Trained as an oceanographer, he has been a science journalist for 15 years, reporting and writing for national and international publications. Hayden was a staff reporter at Newsweek in New York and a senior writer at US News & World Report in Washington, DC. His freelance work includes cover stories for National Geographic, Wired, Smithsonian and many other publications. He is the coauthor of two books and was the lead writer for the 2010 9th revision of the iconic National Geographic Atlas of the World.

3 responses to “Cancel My Subscription: The Outrage at the End of the Reader Feedback Rainbow”

  1. David Steen

    I tackle a lot of myths about snakes and other wildlife on my blog. The post that has gotten the most attention, both negative and positive, is about how rattlesnakes don’t get as big as people think they do. Of the 150+ comments, some have suggested my writing is “asinine”, “ridiculous”, “arrogant”, and makes me look like a “fool”.

    Here are a couple highlights:

    “Not everyone is a damn smart ass know it all like you”

    “some times, i feel like id be better off being dead instead of alive in a world full of skepticalistic buttheads”

  2. Katie Hobson

    I can’t even remember the subject of the article or post, but the comment was a keeper: “Ms. Hobson has been educated beyond her intelligence.”

  3. Michelle Nijhuis

    Love the pitchfork!

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