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Adam Hinterthuer is a freelance science and environmental writer living in Madison, Wisconsin. He's written about bisphenol-A in plastics for Scientific American, Asian Carp and electric fences for BioScience and one man's crusade to clean the mighty Mississippi for the now defunct Plenty magazine. Once upon a time, he was a podcaster for Scientific American's "60 Second Science." In his free time, well, actually, with two young daughters and three part-time jobs, Adam doesn't have free time. If he did, he'd spend it camping, hiking or biking (sans kids) with his wife, Carrie.

2 responses to “Avoiding fear and loathing in self-editing”

  1. Lynn DeHart

    The advice you give should be put on a plaque and hung over the desks of all writers. We know what you wrote is true, but we keep forgetting it!

  2. Sara Moyle

    My Bothwell Middle School students will benefit from your articles. Your friend at Blackrocks was absolutely right in saying you are an excellent writer. Thanks for checking out Marquette. Bring your wife and kids next time, they would love Lake Superior.

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